History Of

Saint Anthony's Parish

Farnham, New York

St. Anthony's Parish was established in 1904 by Bishop Charles H. Colto Buffalo. The church property was acquired from Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Muscarelli and Charles Johnt. The church was named after the beloved patron of Italy, St. Anthony of Padua because of the sizeable number of Italian immigrants settling in the area near the turn of the century.

The official name and address is "Saint Anthony's Roman Catholic Church Society" of Farnham, New York .

St. Anthony's was founded from the Catholic population of Most Precious Blood living in this area. It's pastor, Rev. Richard Burke, organized Catholic families in Farnham who vigorously supported him in the construction of the parish church and rectory which were started March 29, 1904. The property was purchased for $2100.00.
Saint Anthony's Parish was originally formed from the Most Precious Blood Parish of Angola, New York . Its original boundaries were Lake Erie , Cattaraugus Creek, Southwestern Boulevard, and Cain Road . There have been no additions made to the original boundaries. There have been no transfers of territory from the parish.

The parish at Silver Creek was attended from Farnham from 1904-1908.
Shortly after 1900 a number of Italian families came to Farnham. The Reverend Richard, Burke, who was then Pastor at Angola , organized them as a parish in 1904. He built a Church and Rectory, and was the first one to say Mass there.

The property is located at Commercial and Perry Streets. It was originally purchased from Salvatore Muscarelli at cost of $2100.00. The construction of the buildings began March 29, 1904 under the Stokes Brothers. The architect was Albert A. Post.  The construction of the wooden Church cost $2500.00.

The first Rectory at Farnham , New York was built in 1904, the same time as the Church. The construction of the first Rectory in 1904 was under the Stokes Brothers, with Albert A. Post as the architect. In 1925 a disastrous fire occurred which reduced the Church, Convent and Rectory to ruins. Father Patrick Rogers rebuilt the Church and Rectory at a cost of about $25,000.00. In 1934, Father Edward Fitzhenry added a second story to the Rectory at a cost of $6,000.00.
There were originally 75 families in the parish. The predominant nationality is Italian. The outstanding lay pioneers associated with the early history, of the parish are as follows:
Cristenzio Meli
Joseph Fadale
Frank Caccamise
Alphonso Lucerk
Tony Villa
Petro Villa
Orazio Quagliano
Salvatore Leone
James DeMarco
Cosimo Msscarella
Francis Vacante
Parmelo Mortorano
James Dispence
Michael Kenny
Joseph Gerace
Joseph Falzone
Francis Celluffo
Thomas Marshall
John De Marco
Antonio Quagliano
James Spratz
Gus Manguso
Frank Falletta
Frank DiPasquale
Salvatore Muscarella
Joseph Christopher
Nunzio Christopher
Ignatio Cristante
Salvatore Borizilleri
Michael Christopher
Rosalino Letto
Jrazio Leone
Louis Giambroae
James Sorce
James Spratz