Eucharistic Ministers

Lay Ministers of the Eucharist assist the celebrant in distributing the Body and Blood of Christ at Mass. This is a unique service within the Church of God, one which allows us as laypersons to participate more completely in the mission of Christ on Earth. When asked, it is apparent that these Ministers feel a special union with the Liturgy and a genuine closeness to the Lord.

A less visible group of Eucharistic Ministers are the Ministers to the Sick, who participate at Mass, but take the Eucharist to persons who are in the hospital, are housebound, or wish to partake in the Sacrament but for other reasons cannot attend services at the church.

We would like to have more Eucharistic Ministers so we can spread out the schedule a bit more. If you have previously been a Eucharistic Minister and wish to rekindle your participation, or if you would like to begin sharing in this ministry, please make Fr. Fliss aware of your interest. Ministers are scheduled in advance, taking into account their Mass preferences. Training is necessary and provided.

Fr. Jim Fliss: 549-1159

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