Funeral Breakfast/Lunch Committee

Our committee is dedicated to helping others in their time of greatest Need. When we are notified that someone from our church has requested this function in our parish hall, our committee heads call on parishioners who have volunteered their assistance. The food served at the luncheon is provided by many of these volunteers who each make a dish; pasta, potato, garden salad, dessert, relish tray, etc. Members of the group also set up the hall, serve and assist during the function, clean and put everything away at its conclusion.

We do have quite a few volunteers, but we can always use more. As you can imagine, there is very little notice given, and many people may not be available to help due to their schedules. So, if you feel moved to help us in any way, we ask that you leave your name and phone number at the rectory.
Thank you.

To Volunteer:

Sue Cummings, Parish Secretary, 549-1159

For Information:

Ellen George, 549-5529
Katie Paternostro, 549-2664
Marilyn & George Cordia, 549-0180
To Request Hall
Fr. Jim Fliss, 549-1159

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