Originating in Dublin, Ireland in 1921, the Legion of Mary is an organization of Catholic men and women who assist their pastor in performing Spiritual Works in the parish. Under the banner of Mary, we strive with her help to develop greater Holiness in our own lives, and spread a deeper devotion to her among others.

The St. Anthony unit, or Praesidium, which is named “Madonna of the Roses”, had its first meeting in March 2004 with 5 active members. Since that time, the organization has grown and currently has a total of 6 active and 20 auxilliary members. There is a weekly meeting for active members, which is devoted to honoring Mary through recitation of the Rosary, the Legion of Mary prayers, readings and short spiritual talks by the Spiritual Director.

Among many other spiritual works, we have visited the Lake Shore Nursing Home, worked at the Legion of Mary booth at the Hamburg Fair, made rosaries to distribute, and helped to encourage the growth of a neighboring Legion of Mary Praesidium by visiting families and helping with their retreat. The Legion of Mary maintains a Lending Library for all ages at St. Anthony's, as well as other projects.

Joining the Legion of Mary is an excellent way to increase one’s personal holiness through imitation of Mary’s virtues, becoming closer to Jesus.
Pauline Leigh, President. 549-6311
Verna Bogdan, Vice President 549-6629
Judy Gentili, Treasurer 549-4153
LuAnn Clark, Secretary 549-1364
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