Lending Library
St. Anthony's parish has a "Lending Library" of spiritual reading for all ages. - children through adults.  The Lending Library is located in the Children's Room, at the side rear entrance of the church.  The library is maintained by the Legion of Mary and the Spiritual Life Committee.  Please choose the book(s) you wish to borrow and sign them out by removing the card from the back of the book, signing your name and the date and placing the card in the card box.  When returning the books, please place them on the table to be restocked on the library shelves.


At all entrances of the church there are also pamphlet racks with brochures on a variety of subjects.  These pamphlets are "free" of charge and do not have to be returned.
Please avail yourself of one or both of these valuable resources for Spiritual insight and enrichment.

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