Folk Group
The St. Anthony’s Folk Group was established in May 1985, and currently provides music for the 9am Sunday Mass each week. Because of the portability of our instruments, we are also sometimes called on to provide music at church events which occur outside the confines of the building, such as the summer beach mass and the barn mass in December.
The primary goal of this group is to enhance the worship experience of parishioners. Our purpose is not to entertain, but to encourage those at Mass to feel moved to participate in the worship through song. We feel that, as St. Augustine said, “To sing is to pray twice”.
Membership is open to anyone who has a desire to praise the Lord in music and song. We are very fortunate to have some excellent musicians in our midst. Due to busy schedules, rehearsals are held only when necessary or requested.
Currently we have two organists who provide music at the 4pm Saturday and 11:30am Sunday Mass, but we are in need of substitute organists.
We would like to have a singer or singers at 11:30am to assist in leading the congregation during this Mass  We welcome all those who may be interested in singing at the 4:00pm Mass on Saturday.  Please contact Sharon Valites for more information.
Instrumental Ensemble
At certain special events during the year, St. Anthony’s presents music by instrumental ensembles. Most notably, music for the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve is provided by a 20-25 piece orchestra comprised primarily of youth within the parish. On occasion a brass ensemble or other small group is utilized. If you have completed two years of lessons on your instrument, you are invited to audition.

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